Project Background.


The need for Highway 410 was first identified in the early 1970s. In 1978, Highway 410 was opened as a two lane arterial road with at grade intersections. During the 1980s, Highway 410 was updated to its current configuration as a six lane freeway with full interchanges at Derry Road, Steeles Avenue and Queen Street. Partial interchanges were also constructed at Courtneypark Drive and Clark Boulevard both with access to and from the south on Highway 410. In the early 1990s the interchange with Highway 401 was reconfigured to include the connection to Highway 403 to the south. In the 1990s Highway 410 was also connected to the 407 ETR. The widening of Highway 410 has since continued to the north where it now connects with Highway 10 (Hurontario Street) just north of Mayfield Road.



  • Widening of Highway 410 into the median to accommodate one HOV lane and one GPL in each direction including the reconstruction of the grassed median to an urban median with tall-wall barrier separating northbound and southbound traffic.
  • Addition of one HOV lane along the Highway 403 northbound Collector, from just north of Eglinton Avenue to the Highway 401/Highway 410 interchange. This HOV lane, after Highway 401, continues as HOV lane as part of Highway 410 northbound. The new HOV lane will indirectly tie into the existing HOV system at Highway 403, currently ending south of Matheson Boulevard East.
  • Rehabilitation of the existing northbound and southbound lanes and shoulders.
  • Reconfiguration of the 410 S – Courtneypark E/W Ramp to a Parclo A-2 type off-ramp.
  • Rehabilitation of all ramps within the project limits excluding some ramps at the Highway 401 Interchange and the ramps at the 407 ETR Interchange.
  • Ramp widening and ramp terminal intersection modifications at the Derry Road and Steeles Avenue Interchanges.
  • Improvements to storm water management including the addition of seven storm water management (SWM) ponds and new median storm sewer system in all areas where tall wall median barrier is introduced.
  • Extension of several culverts to accommodate the widening requirements, and rehabilitation or replacement of deteriorated culverts.
  • Addition of ramp gates at several interchanges.
  • Introduction of carpool lots at the Courtneypark Drive and Clark Boulevard Interchanges.
  • Replacement of existing concrete barrier on outside shoulders from Steeles Avenue to Clark Boulevard & replacement of the temporary concrete barrier along the Derry Road ramps.
  • Installation of a new barrier along both sides of the widened 403 W – 410 N Ramp.
  • Replacement of all Overhead Sign Structures (OHSS).
  • Rehabilitation of all crossing roads within MTO ROW.
  • Construction of the 403 W – 401 W Ramp and 401 W – 403 W Ramp.